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Which criteria was used to choose the top 10 sports above?

According to Wikipedia, there is no clear definition of what is considered an action sport and what is not.

To be able to keep the voting within a top 10 list, we used the following critera:

  1. Sport - The participant has to dispose of considerable skill and/or physical ability to avoid poor execution of the activity. Meaning an activity such as bungee jumping does not qualify , since a skill or physical ability isn?t required to execute a good jump (i.e. avoid poor execution).
  2. Extreme - Poor execution of the activity has to result in considerable risk of serious physical harm to the participant. Excluding for example a passenger in a canyon jet boat ride, who would not fulfill the requirements, as the skill required pertains to the pilot, not to the passenger.
  3. Individual - The core activity of the sport is performed by an individual, not by a team. Excluding potential sports such as paint ball and white water rafting.
  4. Non-motorized - The sport is based on using the perpetrators own physical strength in coalition with the environment and tools without motors. Excluding potential sports such as jet ski, motor biking etc.
  5. Sliding or rolling - Over air, snow, ice, ground or water. Excluding potential sports such as climbing, extreme marathon etc.
  6. Sub culture - The sport shall have enough passionate perpetrators so that a sub-culture with different slang wording, equipment, clothing, training camps, music etc. is built around the sport. Excluding sports with (so far) limited impact, such as Snow surfing.

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